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    20 April 2014 - 1400 EST
    We have just enabled a new feature which many of you will grow to appreciate, we are sure. The new feature is a link at the bottom of every forum message the is labeled "TROLL/SPAM". If you have at least 1,000 posts to your credit you will see that link and will be able to use it. Please use it to deal with Trolls and obvious spamming. After a certain number of clicks by you and your fellow experienced members, the message will be hidden and reported to the moderators. You will only be able to click it once. Abusers of this TROLL/SPAM system will be detected and may lose access to that feature. You can read the entire post here.

    16 April 2014 - 1920 EST
    We have just updated our news categories and stories that we will accept. Here is the revised statement you can read when you go to submit a news release. Bottom line; we are accepting news for real aviation events, news, etc. as well as from museums, air races, etc. If you have a news item, please submit it via the link that you can now find on just about every page on AVSIM. You can read the entire announcement here.

    13 April 2014 - 1745 EST
    The period of time that we allowed sign in's to remain valid had been set to 3 days. If you had not signed into the AVSIM System in the previous 3 days, the system would require that you sign in again. We have just changed that to 7 days. If you do not access AVSIM at least once every 7 days, you will have to sign in with your User ID and Password each time.

    Toggle %s New Member Forums

      Forum Stats Last Post Info

    Welcome New Members!

    This forum and other forums found in this category are here to help you get involved in this community and comfortable with its layout and your participation. We encourage you to participate, and here is a great place for you to start. There are very knowledgeable users in the AVSIM Community willing and able to answer the most basic of questions. This is a welcoming place to ask those. Please join in!
    Categories: Admin Announcement:FS9?FSX?Forum?General?OtherP3D?QuestionX-Plane?

    • 44 topics
    • 156 replies

    Help Using the AVSIM Forums

    Registered users may post here seeking assistance on the various functions of the AVSIM forums and its related features. However, this forum is NOT intended to provide assistance for products. See the respective product forums for help with your product problems.

    • 740 topics
    • 3,602 replies

    Toggle %s AVSIM Fixed Based Operations (FBO)!

      Forum Stats Last Post Info

    Hangar Chat

    This forum is for the discussion of real world aviation topics and any other topics not covered in other forums. Please make sure that your topic isn't covered in another forum before posting here.

    • 9,687 topics
    • 93,271 replies

    Letters to the Editorial Staff of AVSIM

    Have an opinion on some aspect of our hobby that you would like to write the Editors about? Have an opinion on an AVSIM Review, Editorial, or article? Here's the place to put your thoughts down.

    • 851 topics
    • 3,727 replies

    All About Us

    Meet your fellow MSFS enthusiasts; our background, ages, other interests. Break out of the simmimg threads for a moment or two, and learn about your fellow sim enthusiasts!

    • 51 topics
    • 1,743 replies

    Crash To Desktop (CTD) Forum

    CTD's are a simmer's nightmare. This subforum is established to specifically discuss CTD's. Please do not place CTD messages in the main FS forum.

    • 1,494 topics
    • 9,832 replies

    The Market Place

    A forum for support of Products found in the AVSIM Market Place.

    • 74 topics
    • 27 replies

    The Bargain Hunter's Shack

    This forum is provided for users who run into good deals to post details and share with their fellow community members. Sales, special offers, new offerings, etc., can all be posted here. Commercial members can also post their product special sales, discounted products, etc. Before posting, read the rules pinned to the top of the forum.

    • 366 topics
    • 1,555 replies

    Classified Ads / Want Ads / Swap Meet

    Consider this the classified advertising section of your local newspaper or your favorite magazine. Have something to sell? Is there something that you are looking to buy? Is there a swap you would consider or would like to offer? Here is your place to do that. In order to post a classified ad here, you must be a member in good standing and have posted 15 or more messages elsewhere in the forums.

    • 223 topics
    • 530 replies

    Who Was On First?

    This is a forum prompted by Steve "Bear" Cartwright's article; "Who's on First", a story about the origins of powered flight. You can read the article here.

    • 1 topics
    • 15 replies

    AVSIM's Round the World Race Forum

    Every spring AVSIM team members compete in one of the most exciting events in flight simulation; the Around the World Race. This forum is for those who are interested in the annual event, would like to participate, for the team members to stary in touch with each other throughout the year.

    • 796 topics
    • 10,797 replies

    AVSIM User Surveys and Opinion Polls Forum

    This new forum is for discussion of the various Surveys and Opinion Polls that AVSIM runs from time to time. Here you can ask questions, discuss the results, and ponder the implications of the various polls and surveys that AVSIM runs. Readers are able to create their own polls here as well.

    • 38 topics
    • 579 replies

    Review Feedback

    Have you read a review that you would like to comment on? Do you have an opinion about a review that would be beneficial to your fellow aviation simmers? This is the place to make those comments of praise or constructive criticism.

    • 321 topics
    • 1,790 replies

    The File Library General Forum

    This is the FILE LIBRARY Support forum. Questions regarding the use of the library, how to's, FAQ's and similar will be found here. Please do NOT post file specific questions in this forum.

    • 1,575 topics
    • 5,030 replies

    The Focus on Freeware Forum

    This forum brings focus to freeware in our library and the authors that create them and contribute here. All topics started here are by volunteer reviewers. Once they open a topic, you are free to comment, but normal members cannot create topics. If you would like to be a volunteer reviewer or interviewer, please contact one of our staff via PM.

    • 5 topics
    • 45 replies

    Reader's Product Reviews

    Reader's reviews of commercial products in the flight simulation community. These reviews are contributed by your fellow community members and are their impressions of the products. ** THESE ARE NOT AVSIM REVIEWS AND THESE REVIEWS DO NOT NECESSARILY REPRESENT THE VIEWS OF AVSIM OR OUR STAFF.

    • 54 topics
    • 331 replies

    Flight Sim & Aviation User Stories

    A forum for those creative writers in the community to post their stories of flight, both simulated and real.

    • 7 topics
    • 59 replies

    In Memoriam

    As a community we have had the privilege of having fantastic contributors to our hobby who have passed. This is a special forum on AVSIM where we record the passing of those contributors to our hobby and provide, if we can, a small obituary to them.

    • 12 topics
    • 139 replies

    The Wall of Shame

    A Read Only forum where we post information about spammers, hackers, and those that would harm your hobby with absolutely no consideration for their impact on you, or your fellow community members. If you are an owner of a web site in our hobby, you are welcome to use this information to prevent the same treatment occurring to your site and community.

    • 3 topics
    • 65 replies

    Toggle %s Flight Schools

      Forum Stats Last Post Info

    The Flight School Hangar

    Want to learn the science of flight and the various disciplines? Here is the place to start. This the entry portal for all students interested in the science of flight, aviation, aviation history, art, physics and associated topics. Please stop in here first and introduce yourself.

    • 83 topics
    • 484 replies

    So You have Solo'd

    You have solo'd. Now what?

    • 872 topics
    • 5,702 replies


    The science and safety of preflighting your aircraft.

    • 2 topics
    • 4 replies

    Weather - Understanding It and Safe Flight

    No single component of flight is that of weather. Understanding weather, forecasts and the science is important to every pilot. Join us here to discuss this critical aspect of flying.

    • 3 topics
    • 25 replies

    Flight Planning

    Planning your VFR or IFR flight? Study the science of flight planning here.

    • 32 topics
    • 113 replies

    Mountain Flying

    Flying in the mountains in a single or twin is a serious challenge that requires a different set of skills than cruising along the coast line at 2,000 feet. Study the subject and share the knowledge necessary to survive in this flight discipline.

    • 3 topics
    • 26 replies

    Float Plane Flying

    The fine art of flying a Float Plane. Join us in skimming the surface and plumbing the depths, and art, of Float Plane flying

    • 3 topics
    • 13 replies

    Rotory Winged & Helicopter Flying

    Learning how to fly rotary winged and helicopters is a challenging undertaking. Discuss the fine art of doing so here.

    • 12 topics
    • 61 replies

    Toggle %s Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

      Forum Stats Last Post Info

    Flight Simulator Tips and Tricks

    In this forum you will find user submitted tips and tricks for all versions of MicroSoft's Flight Simulator family of products. If you are new, or perplexed, user of MSFS, we encourage you to search through these posts, looking for a solution to issue.

    • 53 topics
    • 93 replies

    The FS2004 (FS9) Forum

    At the request of users, we have opened this forum for users of FS2004 (FS9). Please post all of your FS2004 questions and input here.

    • 18,728 topics
    • 120,963 replies

    MS FSX Forum

    1. MS FSX Multi-Player Forum,
    2. FSX Archive

    The MS FSX (FS10) Forum.

    • 86,236 topics
    • 628,801 replies

    The Microsoft Flight Forum

    1. Microsoft FLIGHT Archive,
    2. FLIGHT Multiflyer Forum

    MS released FLIGHT on February 28th for free download from the WINDOW GAME Live site. This is MS' next entre' into the world of PC aviation.

    • 3,570 topics
    • 61,498 replies

    MS FSX Simconnect Forum

    With the release of MS FSX will come the Simconnect SDK and the opening up of the sim to third party developers and add-on providers. This forum is provided to enable the sharing of experience, insight and expertise on the Simconnect functionality.

    • 474 topics
    • 1,950 replies

    MS FSX Missions Forum

    With the advent of MS FSX, the community will now have the ability to create and share missions for the sim. This forum is for learning the in's and out's of creating missions, sharing them and the ideas and experience of the community in building an extensive catalog of missions for FSX.

    • 394 topics
    • 1,484 replies

    MSFS Aircraft and Panel Design Forum

    Designing panels or aircraft for the MSFS series? Want to learn? Here THE place to get together with your fellow designers or to ask questions.

    • 8,707 topics
    • 37,318 replies

    MSFS Scenery Design Forum

    A designer of scenery? Have questions? Look to here for the answers or to congregate with your fellow scenery designers.

    • 8,007 topics
    • 35,568 replies

    The Paint Shop - The Aircraft Painter's Forum

    1. Painting FAQ's,
    2. The Paint Request Forum

    Interested in learning how to do re-paints of aircraft? Interested in sharing your techniques and talent? This forum is for re-painters of all interests and skill levels!

    • 2,934 topics
    • 6,705 replies

    Mesh Scenery Design

    Mesh scenery design forum for the MSFS series. Want to get into a mesh? Here's the place.

    • 617 topics
    • 2,405 replies

    The TerraBuilder Forum

    The forum for TerraBuilders! Here's the home for TB designers and users.

    • 490 topics
    • 1,935 replies

    TTools for MSFS Forum

    A user of TTools for MSFS? Want to know more? Want to help advance the add-on or expand your knowledge on the subject? Here the forum to do so!

    • 1,694 topics
    • 6,027 replies

    Add On Developer's Forum

    The Add On Developer's Forum is for add-on's to flight simulator that do not fall into the category of a/c, scenery, repaints or mesh. This forum is established to provide authors an area to gather, share ideas, code, and get feedback from users. If you are a developer of other add-ons to MSFS, this forum is for you.

    • 352 topics
    • 614 replies

    DX-10 Discussions, Hints and Help

    A lot of progress has been made with the use of DX-10 since FSX's release. This forum is for discussion of those, suggestions on use, help and hints.

    • 893 topics
    • 9,864 replies

    Toggle %s The Prepar3D Forums

      Forum Stats Last Post Info

    The Prepar3d General Forum

    The Prepar3d Forum is a forum for Lockheed's Prepar3d simulation software and add-ons. Quoting Lockheed Martin; "Prepar3D® (pronounced “prepared”), an application based on Microsoft® ESP™, is a visual simulation platform that brings immersive games-based technology to training, experiential learning and decision and performance support for non-government, government and commercial organizations."

    • 2,063 topics
    • 28,172 replies

    P3D Tips and Tricks

    A forum for collecting tips and tricks on getting the best out of P3D, add ons and utilities. If you think you have a tip or trick that will assist your fellow P3D users, please post it here.

    • 26 topics
    • 210 replies

    P3D Scenery - Native and Add-Ons

    A discussion forum for scenery add-ons to P3D

    • 42 topics
    • 211 replies

    P3D Aircraft & Vehicles - Native and Add-Ons

    A discussion forum for Aircraft & Vehicle add-ons to P3D

    • 52 topics
    • 153 replies

    P3D SimDirector Forum

    A discussion forum for the new mission creation tool in P3D.

    • 2 topics
    • 7 replies

    Toggle %s The X-Plane Forums

      Forum Stats Last Post Info

    X-Plane Tips and Tricks

    A forum for the collection of tips and tricks for X-Plane users.

    • 47 topics
    • 351 replies

    The X-Plane General Discussions Forum

    General discussions focusing on the X-Plane Simulator. Help and user guidance on this simulator is available here. If you are an X-Plane user, please contribute to this new support forum for X-Plane

    • 2,755 topics
    • 37,098 replies

    The X-Plane Scenery Design Forum

    Forum for those who wish to learn how to create scenery for X-Plane, and to share ideas and techniques.

    • 102 topics
    • 812 replies

    The X-Plane Aircraft & Panel Design Forum

    A forum for designers of aircraft and panels for X-Plane. Share techniques, how to's, and ask for help.

    • 38 topics
    • 179 replies

    X-Plane Utilities

    A forum for discussion of utilties for X-Plane, their uses and designs.

    • 13 topics
    • 132 replies

    X-Plane Add-On Developer's Forum

    A forum for add-on developers to gather and discuss their projects, seek assistance and share thier techniques and experience with add-on designs for X-Plane.

    • 14 topics
    • 137 replies

    Drawbridge Designs Forum

    Drawbridge Designs for X-Plane support and discussion forum.

    • 5 topics
    • 19 replies

    Aerobridge Forum

    ABSim's official forum, over here you will find the latest previews/news of ABSim's sceneries, and support for released products.

    • 4 topics
    • 24 replies

    Toggle %s Other Civil Aviation Simulators

      Forum Stats Last Post Info

    Terminal Reality's FLY Series

    1. The FLY General Discussion Forum,
    2. FLY for Mac Users Forum,
    3. FLY Developer's Forum

    All forums related to the TRI FLY! series.

    • 6,022 topics
    • 31,969 replies

    FLY! Legacy

    The development of FLY! continues with the dedicated efforts of a small group of supporters. We have opened this forum for you to explore the features of this next generation FLY! flight simulator and enjoy one the historic simulators in our hobby.

    • 24 topics
    • 77 replies

    The Rise of Flight General Forum

    This is the ROF General forum for discussion of subjects generally related to ROF.

    • 62 topics
    • 348 replies

    The AeroFly Simulator

    A forum for the German AeroFly flight simulator.

    • 39 topics
    • 369 replies

    The Flight Unlimited Series

    A forum for the Flight Unlimited series of simulators from Looking Glass Software. If you are an FU enthusiast, here is the largest and most active forum on the Internet for your simulator!

    • 2,400 topics
    • 16,289 replies

    The ProPilot Forum

    Are you a user and enthusiast for Sierra's ProPilot series of flight simulators? If so, here is the largest and oldest forum for your simulator. Join us in this very close community!

    • 750 topics
    • 4,056 replies

    The FlightGear Forum

    Join us in discussion about this free aviation simulator and keep up with developments, get assistance from your fellow FlightGear enthusiasts, and the latest news.

    • 662 topics
    • 2,246 replies

    Toggle %s Combat Flightsims

      Forum Stats Last Post Info

    Damage Inc. Pacific Squadron WWII

    Later this year, the Damage Inc. Pacific Squadron WWII Combat Flight Sim will be released for consoles as well as the PC. In advance of that release, we have set up this forum to be the home for all AVSIM community members to explore this coming CFS.

    • 1 topics
    • 21 replies

    Digital Combat Simulators (DCS) Forums

    1. DCS World! ,
    2. The DCS P-51 Mustang Forum,
    3. DCS A-10C Warthog,
    4. DCS Black Shark

    The growing number of DCS forums are now housed here. Enjoy!

    • 153 topics
    • 1,400 replies

    Falcon 4 - Allied Forces

    The Falcon 4 combat flight sim. One of the yardstick combat flight simulators that set the bar for others that followed.

    • 7 topics
    • 68 replies

    General Combat Flightsims

    Want to talk about or showoff images from your favorite combat flightsim, this is the place to be. Discussions about CFS, IL-2, Falcon, Comanche, etc. are all welcome including real world combat discussions.

    • 641 topics
    • 1,512 replies

    Toggle %s Hardware & Operating Systems Discussions

      Forum Stats Last Post Info

    WIN8 OS Forum

    As simmers experiment with and adopt WIN8, we are sure there are going to be numerous questions regarding the use of FS and other sims in this new system. We have opened this forum for the community to focus on that OS and the impact of FS use within it.

    • 133 topics
    • 1,669 replies

    The Win7 OS Forum

    As simmers migrate to Win 7, we are sure there are going to be numerous questions regarding the use of FS and other sims in this new system. We have opened this forum for the community to focus on that OS and the impact of FS use within it.

    • 756 topics
    • 3,732 replies

    MOBO, RAM, CPU's & Other Hardware

    For discussion of issues with Mother Boards, RAM, CPU's, and other general hardware discussions. See the Video and Drivers forum and Controller Forums for discussion related to Video Cards and Driver, and Joysticks, Pedals, Yokes, etc.

    • 15,424 topics
    • 102,073 replies

    Monitors, Video Cards and Drivers

    Discussion forum for Video Cards and Drivers - all things related to the video system of your computer.

    • 2,948 topics
    • 21,711 replies

    Hardware Controllers & Drivers

    This is a forum to discuss issues with Joysticks, pedals, yokes, other interface hardware like panels, etc.

    • 1,428 topics
    • 7,424 replies

    WIFI, Routers, Ethernet, I/O Boards, etc

    Discussion forum for the Networks, WIFI, Routers, their I/O boards, aDSL and Cable Modems, etc.

    • 59 topics
    • 271 replies

    Toggle %s Commercial Support Forums (Official and Unofficial)

      Forum Stats Last Post Info

    The Unofficial PSS Support Forum

    1. The CONCORDE Forum,
    2. The DASH-8 Forum,
    3. The AIRBUS Forum,
    4. The VULCAN Forum,
    5. The BOEING Forum,
    6. Other

    Are you an owner of any of the PSS products? Have questions, suggestions or would like to know more of their products? This is the Unofficial support forum for their products.

    • 7,335 topics
    • 30,310 replies

    Radar Contact Forum

    Support forum for the users of Radar Contact.

    • 7,490 topics
    • 37,887 replies

    The PMDG Support Forum

    1. PMDG General Forum,
    2. PMDG 777,
    3. PMDG 737NGX,
    4. PMDG 747-400,
    5. PMDG MD-11,
    6. PMDG 737 NG (FS9 Legacy Version),

    Own any of the PMDG products for MSFS!? Here you will get support from the authors and tips and help from your fellow users.

    • 60,709 topics
    • 485,010 replies

    The Level D 767 and PIC 767 Unofficial Forum

    Do you own the Level D 767 add-on for FS9? Do you own the Wilco published 767PIC add-on? This is an UNOFFICIAL forum for both. Please do not expect the publishers to assist you here. This forum is established for owners to share hints and help and for non-owners to ask questions of the owners on performance, techniques and guidance.

    • 4,290 topics
    • 27,361 replies

    The Unofficial Active Sky Support Forum

    This forum is an unofficial support forum for HiFi's Active Sky products. Any support provided here will be from your fellow flight sim product owners and most likely not from HiFi themselves.

    • 10,703 topics
    • 51,234 replies

    MAAM-SIM Support

    Welcome to the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum Simulations Support Forum. Here is where you can get support for the B-25 "Briefing Time" and other releases from the MAAM-SIM team!

    • 1,445 topics
    • 6,319 replies

    FS2Crew Support Forum

    1. FS2Crew General Forum,
    2. Mobile Products,
    3. PMDG 777 Forum,
    4. Majestic Dash8 Q400 Forum,
    5. The Airbus X Extended Forum,
    6. The RAAS (Runway Awareness & Advisory System) Professional Forum,
    7. The PMDG 737 NGX Forum,
    8. The PMDG 747 Voice Commander Edition,
    9. The iFLY 737NG for FSX/FS9,
    10. The Level-D 767 Voice Commander for FSX/FS9,
    11. The PMDG Jetstream 41,
    12. The Leonardo MadDog,
    13. The PMDG 737, Wilco feelThere 737 PIC and Default 737 Editions,
    14. The PMDG MD-11 Edition Forum,
    15. The FSX Flight1 ATR Edition Forum,
    16. The PMDG 747 FSX Edition Forum,
    17. Flight Crew X Forum,
    18. The Airbus Editions Forum,
    19. The Level-D 767 Edition for FSX,
    20. The Default FS9 and FSX 747 Edition Forum,
    21. The Level-D 767 Edition for FS9,
    22. The PMDG 747-400 Edition for FS9 Forum,
    23. The FS9 Flight1 ATR Edition Forum,
    24. The PMDG/Default 737 Edition for FS9,
    25. FS9 and FSX 172 Edition Forum,
    26. FSCheckride,
    27. FS Video Marshaller

    Discussion and support forum for FS2Crew. Website: www.fs2crew.com.

    • 5,903 topics
    • 27,103 replies

    VOXATC Unofficial Support Forum

    This is an unofficial support forum for VoxATC where users of this add-on and those interested in it can seek community support and input.

    • 1,006 topics
    • 4,175 replies

    Weather Maker Support Forum

    Support forum for Weather Maker.

    • 200 topics
    • 612 replies

    The AeroSim Support Forum

    Owners of AeroSim products can find help and support here on this Forum.

    • 255 topics
    • 861 replies

    Dispatch Planner Support Forum

    Discussion and support for Dispatch Planner flight-planning software. Enter to find out more about the product, get the latest news and receive assistance if you encounter any problems using the program.

    • 83 topics
    • 289 replies

    The Ready for Pushback Unofficial Forum

    Intended for owners of the "Ready for Pushback" Boeing 747-200 add-on for FS9 and FS2002. This is an UNOFFICIAL forum. Please do not expect the developer or its publishers to assist you here. This forum is established for mutual user support and discussion related to this popular, but no longer supported add-on.

    • 258 topics
    • 1,208 replies

    The UNOFFICIAL Captain Sim Support Forum

    This forum is an unofficial support forum for Captain Sim products. Any support provided here will be from your fellow flight sim product owners and most likely not from Captain Sim themselves.

    • 539 topics
    • 3,230 replies

    The UNOFFICIAL Carenado Support Forum

    1. C185F SKYWAGON for FSX,
    2. F33 Bonanza for FSX,
    3. Grand Caravan for FSX,
    4. M20J XPLANE,
    5. V35B Bonanza for FSX,
    7. C340 II,
    8. Baron B58 FSX,
    9. Commander 114 for FSX,
    10. CT210M Centurion II FSX,
    11. C337 Skymaster HD SERIES FSX,
    12. A36 Bonanza for FSX,
    13. PA46T Malibu JetProp DL HD Series FSX,
    14. C90B King Air HD Series FSX,
    15. CT182T Skylane HD SERIES FSX/P3D,
    16. B200 King Air FSX/P3D,
    17. SR22 GTSX Turbo HD SERIES FSX/P3D,
    18. TBM 850 HD SERIES FSX/P3D,
    19. CT206H Stationair HD SERIES FSX/P3D,
    20. PA46 Malibu Mirage 350P,
    21. C208 GRAND CARAVAN EX,
    22. B1900D FSX/P3D,
    23. Phenom 100 FSX

    The Carenado Support forum has now become an UNOFFICIAL support forum for members to use to provide themselves support for the various Carenado products. Carenado has decided to rely on their ticket system to provide official support.

    • 2,392 topics
    • 18,435 replies

    Addictive Simulation's Forum

    Welcome to the Addictive Simulations forum, providing support and discussion for our Pitts S-1 Special and future projects.

    • 30 topics
    • 209 replies

    Commercial Level Simulations (CLS)

    This is an unofficial support forum for CLS products. For problems with license keys please contact CLS directly.

    • 40 topics
    • 64 replies

    Infinite Flight Forum

    This is the forum for Infinite Flight, the Flight Simulator for Windows Phone 7. Come ask questions, get help, and talk about features you'd like to see in future versions.

    • 64 topics
    • 149 replies

    The Photoreal Scenery Support Forum

    Are you a Photoreal enthusiast? This forum is an unofficial support forum for commercial Photoreal providers as well as for users seeking advice and assistance from the community.

    • 158 topics
    • 1,976 replies

    Wilco Unofficial Support Forum

    For those of you who own or want to own the B737 from Wilco, here is an unofficial support forum for you. Please enjoy.

    • 178 topics
    • 577 replies

    The Unofficial ORBX Forum

    Welcome to the Unofficial ORBX forum on AVSIM. We have set this forum up so that owners of ORBX products can trade hints, help and other insight into using the ORBX products. This is NOT an official support forum for ORBX, but a community forum to share your insights with these products.

    • 651 topics
    • 9,461 replies

    Inquisitive Graphics Flight Simulation Apps

    Information, support and discussion for the flight simulation iOS applications by Inquisitive Graphics.

    • 60 topics
    • 367 replies

    The Multi-Crew Experience (MCE)

    Unofficial support forum for the MCE program and its users. Own the MCE? Have questions about it before registering? Want to learn the in's and out's of MCE? Here's the forum for you.

    • 333 topics
    • 2,606 replies

    Temporary REX Support Forum

    This is a temporary support for REX while their forum is out of action. This forum will be shut down as soon as their's come back online.

    • 1 topics
    • 0 replies

    The MILVIZ Support Forum

    Military Visualizations support and update forum where owners of the MILVIZ products can get support and feedback from their fellow MILVIZ product owners.

    • 201 topics
    • 1,841 replies

    The OpusFSX Forum

    This is the unofficial forum for the OpusFSX Flight Simulator Interface for FSX and P3D. Support will most likely be from your fellow OpusFSX users with some input from the developers.

    • 633 topics
    • 5,876 replies

    PositionGames Support Forum

    Official forum for PositionGames.com for questions. Remarks and feature requests. Forum is monitored frequently by the developer.

    • 35 topics
    • 82 replies

    Infinite Scuba

    The place to talk about Infinite Scuba, request features, and share tips and config info. Infinite Scuba is a reality-based scuba-diving simulation designed for the entire family to enjoy.

    • 12 topics
    • 74 replies

    Unofficial Majestic Software Support forum

    An unofficial support forum for Majestic Software and their new Dash 8!

    • 391 topics
    • 4,271 replies

    The SkyPilot Support Forum

    This is the support forum for SkyPilot's FSXAssist and the P3DAssist when it is released. Look here for support and for news and updates for all the SkyPilot products.

    • 51 topics
    • 211 replies

    The simPlugins Support Forum

    This is the official support forum for simPlugins products like Panel Builder, Phidget Plugins and any other future products by simPlugins.

    • 67 topics
    • 232 replies

    Lionheart Creations Forum

    The official Lionheart Creation's support website.

    • 17 topics
    • 21 replies

    The Official DX10 Scenery Fixer Support Forum

    • 263 topics
    • 3,343 replies

    The SIM720 Forum

    1. SIM720 Support

    A place to share and discuss SIM720 products.

    • 9 topics
    • 25 replies

    Airline2Sim Support Forum

    Support forum for Airline2Sim's flight training tutorials for the Majestic Dash 8 Q400, with preview material and your questions for a real pilot answered.

    • 37 topics
    • 300 replies

    The Unofficial Alabeo Support Forum

    1. C172RG Cutlass II for FSX/P3D ,
    2. PiperSport for FSX / P3D

    • 14 topics
    • 69 replies

    Toggle %s Freeware Support Forums

      Forum Stats Last Post Info

    The ProController and Squawkbox Support Forum

    Discuss all things related to the Procontroller / Squawkbox software and servers for real time online ATC.

    • 567 topics
    • 1,143 replies

    The VATSIM Support Forum

    The VATSIM organization's support forum. Have questions of the management of the new organization? Want to know the structure, the future and the detail of this operation? Here is the forum that you can seek answers from.

    • 1,400 topics
    • 4,474 replies

    Terminal Procedures Forum

    This forum is dedicated to the discussion and publication of terminal procedures.

    • 239 topics
    • 672 replies

    The TinMouse Forum

    This is the support forum for the TinMouse II Boeing 737-200 add-on.

    • 771 topics
    • 3,720 replies

    The TileProxy Project Forum

    Please post all support questions and feedback related to the TileProxy Project in this forum. TileProxy is a realtime Interface between online satellite map services and Microsoft Flight Simulator X and was first published on AVSIM.

    • 1,128 topics
    • 5,746 replies

    The Unofficial IFLY Freeware Support Forum

    Own an IFly Freeware FSX or FS9 aircraft? Have questions or observations on the use of the various functions or specifics regarding the aircraft? Here is an unofficial support forum for you.

    • 68 topics
    • 187 replies


    1. LINDA Downloads,
    2. LINDA Development ,
    3. LINDA Support

    Lua Integrated Non-complex Device Assigning forum.

    • 592 topics
    • 3,714 replies


    The official feedback and support forum for Charts.Aero - Please post any issues or feedback here.

    • 4 topics
    • 1 replies

    Desk Pilot

    Discussion and support forum for the Freeware Add On that allows you to share cockpits operations between users.

    • 24 topics
    • 129 replies

    Toggle %s International Language Forums

      Forum Stats Last Post Info

    Deutsches Forum fuer die Flusi Gemeinde

    Die online Gemeinde fuer deutschsprechende Flusianer.

    • 87 topics
    • 147 replies

    Türkler için Flight Sim forumu

    Türkce konuşanlar için bir Online Flight simülasyon forumu.

    • 32 topics
    • 102 replies

    Forum de la Communauté francophone de Simulateur de vol

    Communauté en ligne pour les passionnés francophones de Simulation de vol.

    • 2,777 topics
    • 16,498 replies

    Foro de vuelo virtual en español

    Comunidad online de simulacion de vuelo para aficionados de habla hispana.

    • 45 topics
    • 158 replies

    Forum della Comunità Italiana di Flight Sim

    Comunità online per gli appassionati italiani di simulazione di volo.

    • 29 topics
    • 66 replies

    O fórum em português

    Aqui você vai encontrar um fórum em português para seus interesses sobre o Flight Simulator.

    • 40 topics
    • 34 replies

    Toggle %s Screen Shots, Videos & The Gallery

      Forum Stats Last Post Info

    The AVSIM Screen Shots Forum

    Have a favorite screen shot that you would like to share? You can by posting it here.

    • 5,990 topics
    • 41,744 replies

    Real Aviation Photos

    Real aviation photos and related images.

    • 180 topics
    • 511 replies

    Aviation and Flight Sim Video Forum

    Have a video that you would like to show case amongst your fellow simming enthusiast? Here is the place you can do so. See the rules topic first.

    • 1,903 topics
    • 3,098 replies

    Toggle %s Other Forums

      Forum Stats Last Post Info

    Russian Flight Simulation and Aviation

    A forum specifically for discussing Russian aircraft, add-ons, and aviation.

    • 161 topics
    • 667 replies

    Helicopter and Rotor Head Forum

    1. Rotor Head Archive

    Are you a helicopter enthusiast? Is being a rotor-head your calling? Want to know more about this aspect of flight simulation? Need help, hints or guidance from those that have "been there and done that" in helicopters? This is the forum for you!

    • 554 topics
    • 2,172 replies

    Orbiter and Space Sims

    Have an interest in space simulation and the many Orbiter and downloads available here at AVSIM? Discuss the space sims and add-on's here.

    • 104 topics
    • 527 replies

    Bush Flying

    1. The Bush Flying Forum,
    2. General Aviation Reviews and Opinions

    • 647 topics
    • 2,702 replies

    Bush Flying Unlimited

    1. The Bush Flying Unlimited General Discussion Forum,
    2. BFU Job Assignments and Flight Reports,
    3. The Bush Net

    Want to fly low and slow and have all the challenges of flying close to the envelope? You can here in the BFU Conference.

    • 7,007 topics
    • 39,850 replies

    Home Cockpit Builders

    1. The Home Cockpit Support Forum,
    2. The Blue Side Up EPIC Programming Forum,
    3. The DreamFlight Home Cockpit Project

    Building a home cockpit? Here's the place to gather and swap ideas, parts, plans and more!

    • 4,174 topics
    • 20,508 replies

    Virtual Airlines News and Discussion

    1. VA News and Announcements,
    2. VA World!

    All about Virtual Airlines. News and discussion.

    • 5,495 topics
    • 4,135 replies


    1. Racing Fools Forum,
    2. Train Simulators Forum,
    3. The Flight Plan Forum

    These forums don't fit into any specific conference area.

    • 6,069 topics
    • 21,905 replies

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